My Asian Family - The Musical

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A joyous spectacle of song and dance, exploring one Asian family and the life they made for themselves in Leicester. In the early 1970s, the president of Uganda, Idi Amin, expelled the Ugandan Asians from the country. Ten members of the Thakrar family came to the UK and moved to Leicester, where they have since grown into a family of 90, spanning three generations. Old and young sing about the family's story, the changes between each generation and the lives they lead now.


‘That Which Can Be Heard’ poetry pamphlet, Burning Eye Books, forthcoming November 18

‘Mehndi Night,’ in Poems about Britain, The Emma Press, forthcoming October 18

One of 200 British BAME writers featured in Breaking Grounds, Speaking Volumes, 2017

‘Relations,’ in The Best Poetry Book in the World, Burning Eye Books, 2017

‘We’re Nothing Alike,’ in Poetry Rivals 2015 – The Finalists, Forward Poetry, 2015


A poem about growing up speaking two languages - Gujarati and English - and the wonderful confusion that came along with it.

BBC Radio Leicester's Nativity - Angel Gabriel

In December 2015, BBC Radio Leicester commissioned 5 poets to reimagine the nativity story from the perspective of a main figure in modern day Leicester. Shruti confessed all as the Angel Gabriel!

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