Shruti is experienced in facilitating poetry workshops for a range of ages in education and community settings, and has delivered workshops across the UK and abroad. She is able to tailor sessions according to specific needs and objectives, and is happy to discuss these with you ahead of time. She is also a qualified Bronze and Silver Arts Award adviser.

"I learnt a lot in the performance poetry exercise. Your performance was enlightening and we understood the importance of expressions in poetry. Thank you!"
"You inspired me to start expressing my thoughts and emotions on paper"
"Every exercise was fun, entertaining and we learned a lot from them. I never thought poems would make us feel so much."
"I would love to have you perform over and over in our college. You really taught us some wonderful concepts."
"This was the most interactive, happy, inspiring workshop ever. Glad to have you here!"
"Shruti inspired a wide range of students to write poetry. Our class was given the opportunity to write down their thoughts and feelings about a topic, before Shruti showed us how easily our words could be turned into poetry. We learnt how to be free when writing and that poetry has endless possibilities. Put simply, poetry has no limits."
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